The trip to Malaba´s studio takes around 1-2 hours from the city center (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania). He lives in Mbagala Rangi Tatu frequented by the local buses "daladala".


After a long trip to the carver Agustino Malaba we had a little "performance". Malaba is working closly with a dancing group. He is not playing himself but he has all intruments in his house - and a nice hat.


Time to show some art works! High shetanis - Tanzanian good devils in the Ujamaa style.


And here we are! Agustino Malaba is still carving the Lilanga style figures as he always has done for George Lilanga. He is the best "Lilanga carver" in the world, probably even better than his uncle. Fortunately now signing as Malaba and developing new themes. Good luck for him, others try to catch without succes (See article about Lilanga´s children). During my visit he had two assistents: Here on the photo his son Winter Malaba


And here Thobias Stefano (several years ago I saw him frequently at Dastani´s place, neighbor of George Lilanga). Agustino Malaba is his uncle. (Swahili: baba mdogo)


Lastly, we had a short look at websites (especially eBay) where his art is sold.

Author: Daniel Augusta
Date: 23.11.2008