The famous Makonde and Tingatinga are in focus as well as artists George Lilanga, Morris Foit and John Kilaka. Though Makonde is a modern art style we still don´t have satisfactory documentation of the sculptors. Tingatinga is mostly disregarded as naive art for children fuelled by tourism. Visit the project by clicking on the left menu. Some projects has their own website also.


African Tales


John Kilaka collects traditional African tales. The photo is taken at the 7th International Literature Festival in Berlin, Germany. Click on the  menu on left



George Lilanga


In fact, the famous Tanzanian artist George Lilanga made very few sculptures and paintings. As the time goes AFRUM meets more and more artists who created art for George Lilanga.  Click on the  menu on left. This project has also a website:




Morris Foit


The Kenyan scultptor Morris Foit changed his name after his Czech teacher Francis. But teacher left Kenya in 1971 and he and his student lost contact for over 30 years. Click on the  menu on left




Makonde Stories


Some Makonde master sculptors who were proclaimed dead  many years ago were  found again still working. Many of them were never visited by any journalist though showing their art worldwide. Now they have got a chance to present themselves. Click on the  menu on left




 Tingatinga Art


Peter Martin lived with his wife Beatrice and three children in Tanzania. He knew he would die. Before it happened he painted a tingatinga painting as a testament for future. Is Tingatinga just a tourist art? Click on the  menu on left or visit the great Tingatinga website: