AFRUM is about African art. Especially Tanzanian which is known for Makonde and Tingatinga. Few recognized artists are also featured - George Lilanga one of them. AFRUM is a network of artists and their promoters.


Daniel Augusta

Daniel Augusta teaching Internet master carvers Patrick Joseph (white and black shirt) , Bernard Pius (left from Daniel Augusta) and Geraldi Mathambwe (far right) 

I am the one who started this website as a hobby. I have visited almost 50 countries on three continents but nowhere I have found so happy, creative and free people as in Africa, especially in Tanzania. It reflects also in African art. It comes directly from our soul and it reveals our forgotten connection to nature. It gives us back the happiness, creativity and freedom which we might have lost in some parts of the world.  Recently I was employed by the Tingatinga Cooperative as a quality, sales and IT manager. Most often you will find me at the hot, dusty and shabby office at the Cooperative.

Desderia Haule

Desderia Haule in Lushoto

She is a born in southern highlands of  Tanzania in Iringa region. She has   Diploma in Travel and tourism  attained at National College of  Tourism. She has worked as a trainee field tour guide at Tarangire National Park for three months. Then she volunteered at Village Museum in Dar es Salaam as an onsite tour guide. She has also participated in preparation of Tingatinga exhibition which was shown at National Museum and Alliance Francaise in September and October 2008. Currently working with Dar es salalaam Executive Tourist Board as tourist information officer at Mwalimu J Nyerere international airport, Tanzania.

Ilona Fűzéková

Ilona Fűzéková poses with painter Sayuki Matindiko and Beatrice Peter, wife and son of the painter Peter Martin who passed away in 2005.

Ilona Fűzéková is born in Czech Republic, she graduated from Faculty of Science at Charles University, Prague, specializing on biology and mathematics. In her free time she devotes to photography and travelling to exotic countries - one of them Tanzania. Now she is organizing Tingatinga exhibitions and talks about her trips in libraries and schools. She also sells ecological products at Currently she works for humanitarian organisation  ADRA and travel agency  Mundo

Helena Fenclová

Helena Fenclova is born in the Czech Republic. She works more than twenty years like the director, artdirector or curator in different cultural institutions in Czech Republic and abroad. She prepares and realizes the exhibitions of art and other accompanying cultural and artistic animations. She organized number of  exhibitions of Tanzanian painters of the style Tingatinga. She prepares the exhibition of books and illustrations of John Kilaka in the Czech Republic and in Finnland.

Iman Lapia Mani

Iman Mani (left among children) listens to the story of master sculptor Peter Kalulu (far right). Though Champion Kalulu exhibited in China, Japan, Germany etc., It was maybe the first time a journalist came to his place.

Iman Lapia Mani is a Tanzanian national, who originates from the island of Dominica in the West Indies. He lived in the UK for 24 years, where he qualified as a Performing Artist and teacher before going to Tanzania over 20 years ago. There he works as a journalist, specialising in the Arts and Culture.  

Lenka Smolinska

Lenka Smolinka with the Kenyan sculptor Morris Foit in Nairobi. Morris Foit was tought to carve by Czech teacher Francis Foit, with whom he lost contact for over 20 years. Lenka Smolinska hands over information about his teacher. 

Na jare roku 2006 jsem se poprve ocitla v Africe, kam jsem jela delat vyzkum ke sve diplomove praci. Ta se tykala komunitniho rozvoje ve slumu Kibera v Nairobi, hlavnim meste Keni. Díky projektu Afrum jsem se ocitla v Africe podruhé, tentokráte v Tanzanii. Pro deti jsme zde spolecne s malirem Johnem Kilakou poradali workshopy s nazvem Umeni, pohadky a rozvoj, o kterych se muzete docist na strankach Afrum.

Jackson Walwa

For "Afrum Tanzania Branch IT-specialist" nothing is imposible. As captured on this photo, the databases, PHP, scripts is just a smile away.

Jackson Walwa is born on the shores of the largest african lake which is known as lake Victoria. He travelled hundreds of miles from Mwanza to Dar es Salaam to get the university degree in Computer Engineering and IT. He is spending much time together with his friends who are artists (Thobias Minzi, Boniface Malulu, Hamadi Mtambo....) and that is why he uses his free time to help AFRUM with different IT projects.




Many people have volunteered for the sake of Tanzanian artists. Without them there would be no such network as AFRUM. There are hundreds of them and it would be impossible to name all. But some of them:

Andy Lealand (English corrections), Jana Piatnicova (English translations), Kamila Novakova (English translations), Marketa Smejkalova (English and Italian translations), Veronika Augustova (English translations), Viktor Varga (English translations), Petra Pojerova (French translations), Natalia Cavina (Italian translations), Mio Nakamura (Japanese translations), Helena Ondrasikova (German translation), Martina Herbrandt (German Translation), Malin Petzell (Swahili translation), Alois Wokoun (art consulting), Alzbeta Klegrova (English translation), Barbora Vitkova (Administration), Filip Zitnik (Music at Exhibition), Irena Herova (Talking at exhibitions), Jacob Crawfurd (Advertisement), Jakub Lesikar (advising), Jesper and Birthe Kirknaes (Posters), Jirina Svaskova (English translation), Jiri Zyka (English translation), Julie Vidal (exhibition), Karel Wolf (Transport), Katka Grucova (English Translation), Katka Honskusova (English translation), Kerstin and Berndt Santesson (John Kilaka), Lada Jelinek (English translation), Lenka Chuwa (space on website), Lenka Starkova, Lucie Kralova (Francis Foit), Lukas Synek (Transport), Marketa Krahulikova (valuable contacts), Mathias Johansson (Computers), Mila Kavka (framing), Nina Horakova (English translation), Petra Kocmanova (Francis Foit), Leos Bolardt (framing), Tereza Stejskalova (Book keeping), Vendula Veckova (English Translation), Elias Jengo (Tanzania), Godfrey Semwaiko (Tanzania), John Kilaka (Tanzania), Agustino Malaba (Tanzania), Martha Corro (Tanzania), Morris Foit (Kenya), Beatrice Peter (Tanzania), Robino Ntila (Tanzania), Thobias Minzi (Tanzania), Desderia Haule (Tanzania), Anja Kaun (German Correction), Marketa Dvorakova (Czech Correction), Barbora Oudesova (Graphic design), Carlos Silondwa (Computers), Johanna Kratochvilova (Graphic Design), Lenka Niznanska (English translation), Lenka Smolinska (Coordinator), Lubica Kolumberova (Restaurateur), Michal Duro (Translations and framing), Petra Bidlacova (English translation), Petra Cechova (Translations and organizer), Radka Kilianova (Administration), Tomas Stanek (English Translations), Veronika Repikova (discovered the word Afrum, started all this), Vita Pavel (Organizer), Irena Masikova (Organizer), Lubo Jurco (Computers), Petr Kovacik (Webmaster Afrum), Anita Kalmanova (Administration), Marika Horakova (Administration), Silvie Frumoltova (Graphic Design), Eva and Sten Löfgren (Sweden), Antonin Bina (Photos), Pavel Koutecky (Francis Foit), Pan Soucek (media), Giuseppe Pieretti (Italian translations), Petr Baum (Photos), Mark (Databases), Birgitta de Verdier (Exhibition), Mcfalls Douglas (Article), Misa Hu (Graphic Design), Libuse Muller (Exhibition), Vagn Plenge (Kilaka books till Exhibition), Lucie Rakusanova (Children workshop Tanzania), Lenka Spackova (Framing), Tobias Kask (Graphic design), Peter Kalulu (Photos), Robert Karinto (Photos), Noel Kapanda (Photos), Jacob Macleon (Journalist),