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Tinga Tinga are the colourful paintings using the enamel paints on canvas. The style is new – It started in 1968 by a man called Edward Saidi Tingatinga. Now many hundreds of painters in Tanzania use this style. - Tinga Tinga resources on the Internet - the website of TANART, Tanzania Art Licensing Agency used for licensing information - Sales of Tinga Tinga paintings online - the official company website of TANART


Makonde is a very famous carving style. Makonde is related to the Makonde tribe living in South Tanzania. It is a modern art style but it has roots in the traditional mask carving. Usually the sculptors use the hard and dark ebony tree. Some Makonde sculptures are as high as 4 meters. (external link)



Abstract art in Tanzania is accosiated with a vibrant modern fine art scene. Each artist has its own style but they all have distinguished African flavour. So there is not much western influence in Tanzania. I have constructed the webpages for the most prominent Tanzanian artists. - George Lilanga, most famous tanzanian artist.