Friday 1 May 2009
Exhibition closes on 
Saturday 9 May 2009
Mawazo gallery, YMCA,
Upanga road, 0784 782 770
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 10 –5.30pm

About the artist....
Joseph Cartoon was born in the village of Ngecha, Kenya in 1976.  In primary school his favourite subjects were art & craft, history and agriculture. However in secondary school, he never studied art again as the syllabus did not cater for it.
It was only until he met the artist Shine Tani that his artistic talent was revived. Through Shine’s tutoring and guidance, Cartoon eventually sold his first paintings to the late Ruth Scheffner, curator of the Watatu gallery in Nairobi. Since then Cartoon’s career has grown both nationally and internationally. 
In 2001 he won the prestigious ROSL-Overseas award which took him on a one month residency in Scotland and a three week traveling exhibition in London and Edinburgh . To date, Cartoon has participated in 50 group  and 8 solo exhibitions with over 160 paintings sold to individuals, art collectors and companies.
Since 1996, Cartoon has been participating in Art Action. This is a yearly exhibition in Kenya where proceeds from art sales are used to support school activities in the slum areas around Nairobi. Over 500 children have benefited from this project.
Cartoon’s dream is to see Kenyan and African art exhibited worldwide and for artists to have the freedom to express themselves globally.

Author: Daniel Augusta
Date: 29.04.2009